Since 1995 as a San Francisco peaceful warrior champion, I fearlessly battled the Most Corrupt Machine in America that amassed unprecedented power & wealth, rigged the economic & political system to make the superrich richer, and caused ever-expanding criminal prosecutions.

This decades-old establishment, status quo, insider Willie Brown & protégés corruption machine is linked to widespread scandal, bribery, money laundering, contract & rate fixing, kickbacks, fraud, patronage, violence, threats, war profiteering, insider trading, missing records, election irregularities, conflicts of interest & backroom deals.

Newsom, who is a corrupt Willie Brown protégé, corporate bagman (collected over $100 million from gambling, real estate, health, tech, and other industries) & Getty Oil fortune-generated multimillionaire, should be denied re-election.

Paid for by Joel Ventresca for California Governor 2022. FPPC# 1443383.