Should top 1%-incompetent-corrupt-corporate Newsom be given another 4-year term as governor?

Newsom represents a rigged economic & political system that makes the superrich richer while the rest of us are pushed down the economic ladder.

Newsom, who increased the gap between rich & poor and refuses to increase taxes on the wealthy, has made conditions for women, people of color & children worse.

55% of likely voters statewide think California is “off on the wrong track.”

48% of likely voters statewide disapprove of the way Newsom is handling his job.

64% (14.1 million) of registered voters statewide either voted to fire Newsom (4.9 million) or did not vote (9.2 million) in the September 14, 2021 recall election.

The Newsom record of failure:

  • Homelessness (worst in the nation; half of nation’s total; 66% of registered voters believe Newsom is doing a “poor” job in this area);
  • Poverty rate (worst in the nation);
  • Economic inequality (worst in the nation);
  • Unemployment (worst in the nation);
  • Coronavirus death toll (worst in the nation);
  • Housing (killed rent control; skyrocketing rents; median home price hitting over $834,000);
  • Healthcare (killed single-payer; millions go without healthcare);
  • Economy (45% of workforce lost jobs; rising inflation, energy prices & interest rates);
  • Schools (83% of parents say children are falling behind);
  • Crime (homicides increased 31% statewide in 2020; 51% of registered voters believe Newsom is doing a “poor” job in this area);
  • Drought (water shortages mount; 40% believe Newsom is doing a “poor” job);
  • Wildfires (record 4.5 million acres burned in 2021; 39% believe Newsom is doing a “poor” job);
  • Climate change (112 fracking & oil drilling permits were approved in 2021; 31% believe Newsom is doing a “poor” job).
  • Newsom’s family took $700,000 from PG&E, California’s largest utility, then engineered a massive Wall Street-friendly ratepayer-funded $21 billion bailout while consumer bills increased 20% in 2022.

    In 2020 Newsom received $226 million in corporate donations for “charity” then provided no-bid contracts & appointments to donors.

    His spouse’s “nonprofit” raised $10.4 million then pocketed a $2.3 million salary.

    The U.S. Supreme Court has reversed Newsom’s abuse of power 5 times.

    Newsom’s 2007 sexual misconduct scandal included: adultery; betrayal of his best friend; breaking up a new family with a child; unlawful workplace favoritism; taxpayer money misappropriation & alcohol-abuse-disorder.

    While dining with economic elite influence peddling lobbyists, Newsom exposed his hypocrisy, arrogance & privilege.

    Newsom, who is a corrupt Willie Brown protégé, corporate bagman (collected over $100 million from gambling, real estate, health, tech, and other industries) & Getty Oil fortune-generated multimillionaire, should be denied re-election.

    Paid for by Joel Ventresca for California Governor 2022. FPPC# 1443383.