Should top 1%-corporate-incompetent-corrupt Newsom be removed in the bipartisan recall election?

Getty Oil fortune-generated multimillionaire & corporate interest bagman ($32.5 million collected to stay in power from real estate, health, tech, gambling & other industries) Newsom, who increased the gap between rich & poor but refuses to increase taxes on the wealthy, mismanaged: schools (83% of parents say children are falling behind); pandemic (63,000 deaths; highest of any state); nursing homes (9,000 covid-19 deaths); public health (underfunded contact tracing & data collection costing more lives); economy (45% of workforce lost jobs); unemployment (failure to answer phones); wildfires (record 4.2 million acres burned in 2020); blackouts; drought; climate change (112 fracking & oil drilling permits were approved in 2021); housing (skyrocketing rents; median home price is $813,980); homelessness (half of nation’s total); poverty (highest rate in nation); prisons & crime (homicides increased 31% statewide in 2020).

These Newsom failures made inequities for women & people of color worse.

Newsom represents a rigged economic & political system that makes the superrich richer.

In 2018 Newsom promoted a Trump Republican to make it easier to win a runoff election for governor. In 2020 Newsom received $226 million in corporate donations for “charity” then provided no-bid contracts & appointments to donors. Newsom’s family took $700,000 from California’s largest utility then engineered a massive Wall Street-friendly ratepayer-funded $21 billion bailout. His spouse’s “nonprofit” raised $10.4 million then pocketed a $2.3 million salary. The U.S. Supreme Court has reversed Newsom’s abuse of power 5 times. His 2007 sexual misconduct scandal included: adultery; betrayal of his best friend; breaking up a new family with a child; unlawful workplace favoritism; taxpayer money misappropriation & alcohol-abuse-disorder. While dining with economic elite influence peddling lobbyists, Newsom exposed his hypocrisy, arrogance & privilege.

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