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Joel Ventresca for California Governor 2022


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Since 1995 as a San Francisco peaceful warrior champion, I fearlessly battled the Most Corrupt Machine in America that amassed unprecedented power & wealth, rigged the economic & political system to make the superrich richer, and caused ever-expanding criminal prosecutions. This decades-old establishment, status quo, insider Willie Brown & protégés corruption machine is linked to widespread scandal, bribery, money laundering, contract & rate fixing, kickbacks, fraud, patronage, violence, threats, war profiteering, insider trading, missing records, election irregularities, conflicts of interest & backroom deals.

34 Years of Exceptional Award-winning Public Service:

Administrator, Safety Security Risk Expert & Analyst building the industry-leading City and County of San Francisco International Airport into an economic powerhouse creating 300,000 jobs & $62.5 billion in business sales annually (1987-2018); Department Head Assistant & Aging Specialist reorganizing the City and County of San Francisco Aging Commission into a model city department (1981-1984).

Prior Impactful Leadership Positions:

2021 Most Qualified California Gubernatorial Democratic Candidate; 2019 Democratic Party Runner-up for San Francisco Mayor; City and County of San Francisco Environmental Commissioner; President, Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods; Executive Board Member, Service Employees International Union (790); Environmental Justice Pioneer; Nationally-known Successful Community Organizer.

50 Years of Activism & Accomplishments:

Organized the winning coalition that passed the most restrictive commercial office highrise growth control law in the nation; Started term-limits for politicians on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors; Defeated corporate welfare sports facilities promoted by the superrich; Headed the public power movement in San Francisco; Testified before Congress against privatization of national parks; Led the effort to close the last two fossil-fueled burning power plants in San Francisco; Crafted open government law; Drafted detailed plan to cleanup radioactive-contaminated closed military bases; Adopted the first landmark City and County of San Francisco Sustainability Plan.

Media Characterizations:

"hero"; "incorruptible"; "courageous"; "tough"; "principled"; "honest"; "liberal"; "left"; "empathetic"; "personable"; "knowledgeable".

Family & Education:

Son of extraordinary mother & Italian American science teacher; Married Asian American immigrant; Step-grandfather to African Americans, Cambodian Americans & Filipino Americans; Related to signers of the Declaration of Independence & Constitution; Jesuit-educated; Master in Public Administration, University of San Francisco.

"As a prominent, popular, public-interest 99% game-changer Inclusive-Populist-Progressive-Democrat, who received over 297,000 votes in California elections, I will govern as America's Most Effective Progressive Governor." - Joel Ventresca

Restoring, Reinventing & Reimagining the Golden California Dream
Groundbreaking Equal-Opportunity-for-All-to-Succeed Platform

Joel Ventresca for California Governor 2022

Restore democracy; Reinvent government; Reimagine capitalism.

Create just, livable & flourishing California for all.

Enact free, universal, high-quality healthcare, education prekindergarten-through-college, childcare & job training fully-funded by wealthy individuals & corporations, government revenues, and high-income workers. Raise minimum wage to $18.50-an-hour with no exceptions & annual upward cost-of-living adjustments. End homelessness, poverty, gender-based violence, mass incarceration, death penalty, war-on-drugs & institutional racism. Pass best tenant protection, civil rights, gun safety & police reform laws in the nation. Build large-scale multi-unit permanent affordable housing. Eliminate taxes & fees on small businesses for 5 years. Increase taxes on wealthy individuals & corporations.

Reverse economic inequality & expand economic democracy.

Disempower top 1% economic elite. Empower nonviolent mass movements. Reinvent California into the first zero-carbon-emissions state in the nation. Restructure energy utilities into one full-service consumer-owned statewide public power system that operates efficiently, reliably, sustainably & safely with 15% lower rates. Convert to non-nuclear 100% clean renewable energy. Establish free public transit. Cease fracking & oil drilling. Reduce inequities, disparities & the gap between rich & poor. Challenge corporate & tech agendas.

Rejuvenate inclusive & diverse participatory democracy.

Remove corrupt influence of private money from politics by mandating 100% publicly-funded candidate campaigns & elections. Prohibit elected representatives from meeting with lobbyists. Halt government waste, fraud, abuse, inefficiency, mismanagement & corruption. Make safety, security, opportunity & well-being accessible to all. Confront bias, discrimination & bigotry. Reopen Robert Kennedy murder investigation. Launch advertising-free, public interest-oriented, high-value alternative media (television, radio & print) completely-funded by taxing corporate media & big tech 2.5% of gross sales in California annually.

Should top 1%-incompetent-corrupt-corporate Newsom be given another 4-year term as governor?
Newsom represents a rigged economic & political system that makes the superrich richer while the rest of us are pushed down the economic ladder. Newsom, who increased the gap between rich & poor and refuses to increase taxes on the wealthy, has made conditions for women, people of color & children worse. 55% of likely voters statewide think California is "off on the wrong track." 48% of likely voters statewide disapprove of the way Newsom is handling his job. 64% (14.1 million) of registered voters statewide either voted to fire Newsom (4.9 million) or did not vote (9.2 million) in the September 14, 2021 recall election. The Newsom record of failure: homelessness (worst in the nation; half of nation's total; 66% of registered voters believe Newsom is doing a "poor" job in this area); poverty rate (worst in the nation); economic inequality (worst in the nation); unemployment (worst in the nation); coronavirus death toll (worst in the nation); housing (killed rent control; skyrocketing rents; median home price hitting over $834,000); healthcare (killed single-payer; millions go without healthcare); economy (45% of workforce lost jobs; rising inflation, energy prices & interest rates); schools (83% of parents say children are falling behind); crime (homicides increased 31% statewide in 2020; 51% of registered voters believe Newsom is doing a "poor" job in this area); drought (water shortages mount; 40% believe Newsom is doing a "poor" job); wildfires (record 4.5 million acres burned in 2021; 39% believe Newsom is doing a "poor" job); climate change (112 fracking & oil drilling permits were approved in 2021; 31% believe Newsom is doing a "poor" job). Newsom's family took $700,000 from PG&E, California's largest utility, then engineered a massive Wall Street-friendly ratepayer-funded $21 billion bailout while consumer bills increased 20% in 2022. In 2020 Newsom received $226 million in corporate donations for "charity" then provided no-bid contracts & appointments to donors. His spouse's "nonprofit" raised $10.4 million then pocketed a $2.3 million salary. The U.S. Supreme Court has reversed Newsom's abuse of power 5 times. Newsom's 2007 sexual misconduct scandal included: adultery; betrayal of his best friend; breaking up a new family with a child; unlawful workplace favoritism; taxpayer money misappropriation & alcohol-abuse-disorder. While dining with economic elite influence peddling lobbyists, Newsom exposed his hypocrisy, arrogance & privilege. Newsom, who is a corrupt Willie Brown protégé, corporate bagman (collected over $100 million from gambling, real estate, health, tech, and other industries) & Getty Oil fortune-generated multimillionaire, should be denied re-election.

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